As is well known, modern transport infrastructure is not possible, to accept for transportation cargoes that are significantly higher than the parameters according to which it was built. Limitation of the axial load, with the passage of bridges, railway crossings and overpasses, requires the development of special solutions, both for the configuration of the vehicle itself and for the infrastructure facility.

To ensure transport solutions, we use the company's engineering potential. In our experience, the following successfully implemented transport solutions:

  • - Design of temporary bridges
  • - Design of ro-ro facilities
  • - Design of road transport configurations
  • - Skidding under obstacles
  • - Integrated transport with girder bridge

Civil works

- Inspection of the bridge
structure, identification of key
parameters, definition of defects

- If you can not pass excess load (lorry with the load) - the development of measures to strengthen the structures, or find other solutions (construction of detour, etc.)

- Perform the calculation to determine the possibility of crossing each bridge structures excess load, conditions of admission (the location of the train on the roadway)