BARRUS PROJECTS offers tailored heavy haulage solutions and is one of the fastest growing heavy haulage companies in Russia and CIS. We operate trailer configurations tailored to your requirements, including Modular, Extendable and semi low loaders. Whatever you need moving, we can supply a service and an outstanding Heavy Haulage Service.

From route planning to permitting to coordinating subcontractors and governmental agencies, our knowledgeable teams ensure loads are in compliance with all state and federal highway regulations. We`ve utilized hydraulic transport trailers since 2012, and with more than 200 axle lines of specialized transporters, we can provide a solution for any of your heavy transport needs.

Our fleet of specialized transporters includes self-propelled, towed arrangements, and specialized multi-axle over-the-road combinations by Scheuerle and Goldhofer.

Modular trailers

Goldhofer PST/SL - 12 axle lines (self propelled) / Construction site and inside plant operations. Universal configurations with THP/SL

Goldhofer THP/SL - 124 axle lines / Public roads, construction site and inside plant operations. Designed for concentrated loads and heavy loads in the drop deck

Scheuerle K25 - 54 axle lines / Public roads, construction site and inside plant operations.

Trucks and low-loaders

Mercedes-Benz - 11 units / Ballast trucks
VOLVO FH - 2 units / Low-loaders
Truck Scania - 2 units / Low-loaders

Crawler cranes

DEMAG CC4000 - 2 units / 500 MT
lifting capacity

Hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic Gantry System ENERPAC SBL
1100 - 1 unit
Skidding system push / pull unit - 4 units