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In-plant relocation of VESTAS Nacelles for WTGs successfully completed

A set of works on in-plant relocation of Nacelles for WTGs has been completed at the production site of Liebherr.

In context of the project on the localization of part of the Equipment for wind turbines (WTGs) in Russia and the opening of the VESTAS enterprise for assembly of Nacelles for WTGs on the territory of the production site of Liebherr in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, Barrus Projects team carried out a set of works for VESTAS needs for in-plant relocation of Nacelles.

VESTAS Nacelles at the production plant of Liebherr have the following dimensions: 12,73m x 4,17m x 3,18m / 72mt.

All works were performed with Barrus Projects own fleet of Goldhofer PST/SL with Power Pack Units (PPU) and highly qualified operators.

Barrus Projects team continues its active work in the growing and fast developing Wind Energy Sector of the Russian Federation.