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Construction of ammonia and carbamide production at JSC "Navoiyazot"

NavoiAzot JSC is one of the largest enterprises in the chemical industry of Uzbekistan engaged in the processing of natural gas into mineral fertilizers, the production of chemicals for gold mining and products of low-tonnage chemistry.

In the main areas of its activity, the Company occupies a leading position in the national market. Every day, their products are bought by millions of consumers in 10 countries of the world, improving the quality of their lives. Every day, more than 7,000 people combine their efforts and talent to provide NavoiAzot JSC with leading positions in the market.

Project goal: The main goal of the project is to create a new complex for the production of mineral fertilizers at Navoiyazot, with the introduction of modern energy-saving technologies.

The project implementation will allow:

  • disable the outdated and physically worn ammonia production of the 1st and 2nd stages of Navoiyazot, commissioned in 1965-1967, which will en-sure stable production of ammonia for the production of mineral fertilizers
  • reduce specific energy consumption for ammonia production in comparison with existing production facilities
  • to ensure an increase in the production of nitrogen mineral fertilizers
  • increase the export potential of the industry
  • reduce the level of harmful emissions into the work environment
  • create an additional 473 new jobs
  • give impetus to the development of the Navoi region

EPC Contractor for this facility are:

Specialists of the company Barrus Projects successfully completed transportation of one of the most critical cargoes (Auxiliary Boiler) weighing 240 tons, with dimensions: 12,700 mm x 8,700 mm x 10,720 mm addressed to NavoiAzot JSC.

Follow the news on the website of Barrus Projects regarding this unique transportation.