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Shipment of Vessels from St.-Petersburg in the framework of the project UGTL

As part of the project on transportation of OOG equipment for the construction of high-quality fuel plant "OLTIN YO'L GTL" (UzGTL), project team of Barrus Projects successfully performed shipment of 4 units of oversized equipment from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation for delivery to port of Kuryk, Republic of Kazakhstan.

  1. High pressure column (120mt / 24,2m х 7,1m х 7,0m)
  2. Absorber (153mt / 26,5m х 6,0m х 6,35m)
  3. Absorber (153mt / 26,5m х 6,0m х 6,35m)
  4. Absorber (153mt / 26,5m х 6,0m х 6,35m)

After delivery of Equipment to territory of Republic of Kazakhstan, this equipment will be delivered by forces of Barrus Projects to Consignee at a job site.