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Port "Bronka" raises BARRUS flag


In honor of its oldest partner, the port of Bronka raised the Barrus flag.

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Project Logistics Alliance membership


Barrus Projects has become a member of Project Logistics Alliance.

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Delivery of oversized Equipment for the construction of a complex preparation unit for natural and associated petroleum gas to Yarakta and Markovo OGCF


The development of the gas part of the field of LLC Irkutsk Oil Company has begun at the Yarakta oil and gas condensate field (OGCF). It includes the construction of a complex preparation unit for natural and associated petroleum gas (UPPPNG).

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Delivery of OOG equipment to Ruppur NPP, Bangladesh, has been successfully completed.


Barrus Logistics with cooperation of Barrus Projects successfully performed quite challenging delivery of over dimensional and heavy weight equipment of ASE (AtomStroyExport, part of RosAtom) for needs of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant construction.

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Equipment delivery project for NavoiAzot JSC is completed


The company Barrus Projects completed the delivery of equipment for the complex under construction. Transportation began in September 2017 and lasted until the end of 2018. The total volume of the transported equipment amounted to 7,980 tons, 35,800 cubic meters.

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Delivery of equipment for Ruppur NPP construction, Bangladesh


As part of the construction of the Ruppur NPP, Barrus  has delivered large-sized heavy equipment of the melt localization device by sea from the port of Novorossiysk to the port of Mongla/Chittagong, NRB, transshipment to barges and delivery to the river port on the Padma river, and then auto transportation to the construction site.

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Delivery and installation of 3 Wind turbines with a total capacity of 900 KW in Tiksi


Barrus has delivered and installed large-sized equipment for the construction of an Arctic wind power plant located in a remote area of Yakutia with no transport infrastructure.

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Barrus has become a member of the Russian Wind industry Association


For successful execution of work on international transportation of equipment for the construction of Wind Power Plants on the territory of Russian Federation, company Barrus Projects admitted as a member of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry.

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Shipment of high pressure Column from St. Petersburg within UGTL project


As part of the project on transportation of OOG equipment for the construction of high-quality fuel plant "OLTIN YO'L GTL" (UzGTL), project team of Barrus Projects successfully performed shipment of 2 units of oversized equipment from Saint Petersburg for delivery to port of Kuryk, Republic of Kazakhstan.


Industry news

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The DHL Global Trade Barometer (GTB) indicates that world trade will contract over the next three months


DHLhas reduced the GTB trade outlook by two points to an index value of 45. According to the company, this shows that global trade continues to lose momentum, albeit mildly.

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Dongbang and COSCO join forces for large-scale projects


As part of the agreement, both COSCO and Dongbang will treat each other as a strategic partner. The cooperation will see the companies join forces for bids on large-scale projects where their own respective fleet of equipment would be insufficient.

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Siemens Gamesa to act as supplier of equipment for the Kolskaya Wind Farm


Siemens Games will act as a technology partner and equipment supplier as part of the Kolskaya Wind Farm construction project in the Murmansk Region.

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DSV completes Panalpina acquisition


DSV has completed the acquisition of Swiss freight forwarder Panalpina, creating one of the worlds largest transport and logistics companies.

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Mammoet in advanced acquisition talks withALE


Mammoet has confirmed that it is in advanced discussions with ALE regardinga purchase agreement, under which Mammoet will acquire the UK-headquartered heavy lift and specialist transport provider.

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Russian-Chinese bridge across the Amur river has been docked


A solemn ceremony of docking of the two parts of the automobile bridge across the border of the Amur river, on the opposite banks of which are Blagoveshchensk and the Chinese Heihe, was held on Friday, May 31.

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ALE has launched its 10,000-tonne capacity SK10,000 ring crane at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Texas, USA.

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A worrying and increasingly prominent trend is  the amount of risk being shouldered by those active in the project logistics  supply chain.

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High five for Vladivostok


The Commercial Port of Vladivostok, part of the Fesco Transportation Group, will receive five port cranes in 2020.

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